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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.55, No.0, 7 ~ 21, 2017
A Study on a Brand Management Model for Hang-Tags in Clothing
문지애 Ji-ae Moon , 임효선 Lim Hyo Seon
Background Recently, in fashion and clothing markets, consumers` purchase channels separated online and offline have become unified and formed omni channels in terms of consuming trends. Along with that, companies, too, are striving to use those omni channel services as their brand strategies. In the past, brand awareness or loyalty influenced consumers` purchase intension considerably, but now, information sources influence that more and more. Consumers can collect information about their purchase item mostly online fast and easily; however, in clothing purchase, for the items` characteristics, they tend to make reasonable decisions in the spot of purchase through complex thinking. Therefore, the Hang-Tags containing crucial information at the last step of product purchase play important roles in consumers` decision-making process for purchase. However, there are not enough tools or models to manage Hang-Tags in terms of companies` brand strategies. Methods this study aims to develop a brand management model for Hang-Tags in terms of brand strategies by reviewing literatures and drawing the information factors of Hang-Tags and conducting homogeneity analysis on them. Result the brand management model for Hang-Tags is composed of 6 steps: product information, material·technology information, safety·certification information, brand information, logistics·service information, and promotion information. Conclusion It is expected that companies will recognize Hang-Tags as a crucial factor in their brand management and use this 6-step brand management model for Hang-Tags strategically as a tool to manage their brand.
Key Words
행택, 브랜드 택, 브랜드 매니지먼트 모델, Hang-Tag, brand Tag, brand management model
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