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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 87 ~ 97, 2018
The character’s visual research of transforming actantial model under storytelling
손사연 Si-ran Sun , 김해태 Hae-tae Kim
Background Since the twenty-first Century, the story telling ways of the full story animation in various countries are becoming more and more mature. The world view and values transmitted by the story are also more diversified with the complexity of the global economic model and social model. In the eastern animation era represented by Japan, the story mode of new Japanese animators like Kishimoto Masashi, Mamoru Hosoda, Makoto Shinkai and so on gradually approached the real and complex world view. The storytelling of traditional animation companies such as Disney and DreamWorks in the West also diversify their role models to some extent. In traditional animation story telling, the pure good and evil have been gradually blurred in the story script, instead, because of the various reasons of the story, the roles of the characters are transformed. Methods When the actantial model is converted from A to B or from B to C, some elements such as the character modeling or color can also be changed. Some characters change in the shape of the body, some of the characters change in the props and clothes, and some others change in the color. In this study, the visual images of these roles are extracted and analyzed, so as to get the Enlightenment of all types of changes before and after the transformation. Result Based on the analysis of the size, complexity and brightness of each visual element, we can see from the above table that when the actantial model is transformed between the helpers and the opponents, the visual elements of the character are basically changing in opposite directions. Conclusion Basically helpers and opponents in the storytelling are stand in the opposite state, so we can get the reverse design inspiration when transforming character's actantial model has happened, such as the long and short hair, big and small in body size, color bright and dark and so on.
Key Words
행위소 모델, 스토리텔링, 캐릭터 시각적 디자인, actantial model, storytelling, character visual design
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