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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 73 ~ 87, 2018
Cover Design of the Modern Chinese Magazine, ' The Eastern Miscellany'
류처 Liu Che , 장주영 Ju-young Chang
Background The Eastern Miscellany is the oldest comprehensive magazine in modern China. Its unique style has a great influence on the design of modern magazine covers. In China, relevant research on the cover design of 'Oriental Magazine' has not yet formed. This article will review the styling, classification, and analysis of the cover of the 'Oriental Magazine' general newspaper cover to understand the cover design features of modern Chinese magazines and provide basic data for follow-up research. Methods Since from the first issue of the Eastern Miscellany, collect and organize the cover of all issues of Eastern Miscellany. Then classify according to different visual elements for classification analysis based on different results. Then analyze different results, and try to know the application trend of the modelling elements. Result 32 format edition was used in cover design in the first issue when the Eastern Miscellany was established and then the layout changed to 16 format after 1912. Regarding title layout, the top middle ratio takes up the largest proportion and fonts are mostly in regular script. Regarding pattern and decoration, materials, natural patterns are mostly used. Transformation technique is mostly used. In terms of modelling elements and application degree, the application ratio of illustration is the highest. Analysis on the modelling elements in the Eastern Miscellany can help researchers to master the basic materials of the Eastern Miscellany cover design. Conclusion This article selects the cover of Chapter 103, which is not repeated in the general newspapers and magazines, and organizes the composition, decoration, pattern composition, and composition of the image elements of magazine titles in various forms of magazine cover design. In addition, the composition of the image factors is reclassified into Chinese traditional patterns, ancient myths, comics, and photographs according to the image content. As the classification of the above content has not been carried out, the author's arrangement can intuitively grasp the application trends of modeling elements, which will help understand the understanding of the times and culture.
Key Words
동방잡지, 표지 디자인, 조형 요소, The Easten Miscellany, Cover Design, Modeling Eements
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