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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 17 ~ 27, 2018
A study on imaginary images of water in Ponyo on the cliff by the sea
김은주 Kim Eun Ju , 김건 Kim Geon
Background Among culture factors, imagination is especially a driving force of great creativity that allows the real world to be transformed and modified, and also takes on a significant role for developing its creative contents while becoming a material of various media. Methods The water, a factor of material imagination will be take into consideration in terms of its type, symbolism and imagination based on Bachelard’s theory in the Water and Dreams which claims that matter is the foundation of imagination. Based on this, the material imagination and images of water will be discussed upon the film Ponyo on the cliff by the sea of Hayao Miyazaki in which the nature of the water is most prominent. Result In the film Ponyo, thr water movement generate energy and create new life. The flow and circulation of the water has its life and embraces Mother Nature. Also, the violent water in the film Ponyo is the water causing the crustal movement that includes the image of human life and willpower. The violent water as blended with in-land contaminated one is not in hostile relation with human beings, but pure water that help to build unity, coexistence and equilibrium between nature and humans. Conclusion We see in the film Ponyo of Hayao Miyazaki's cry for protection of nature, recovery and regeneration of humanity delivered from his playful point of view on mobility of water. The water in the film eventually cries for raising awareness about the destruction of ecosystems. Miyazaki symbolizes the harmony between nature and human beings which, he argues, is possible by a synthesis of multiple substances, not by the absolute being if any.
Key Words
물질적 상상력, 물, 가스통 바슐라르, Material imagination, Water, Gaston Bachelard
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